How to make 3D Printer at home

3D Printer is a Computerized Numerical Control(CNC) machine which can run through G-code.
G-code is a programming language for CNC that instructs machines where and how to move.

Making of DVD drive 3D printer

Required Materials-

Arduino Mega






DVD Slider


*HOT-END 1.75mm Direct Filament Wade Extruder 0. 4mm Nozzle

*SMPS should be 12V @ 5amps


First of all you need two Standard PC OLD DVD DRIVE, The DVD drive must has 4 wire stepper motor(you can’t do this with normal DVD drive which has two wire DC motor).

Now Unscrew the DVD drive and pick out the lens mechanism.

Now you need to check the stepper motor is working or not, it’s an easy method , mainly stepper motor has two coils and one coil has two ends so respectively two wire has four ends so the upper side of stepper motor has 4 connection point and it connects to the two coils internally. Now you have to point out your A1B1A2B2 connections by following this image.

Now you need to take your multi-meter in continuity point and check 4 wire point if stepper motor coil is in good condition then the multi-meter will buzzing two wires.

Add END-STOP button on the X and Y axes


Now you need 25x25x1cm MDF Base and place a cooling fan for reduce the stepper motor heat, Two wooden cutting for X-axis placement.

After X-axis placement must place the Y-axis at 90 degree over the X-axis, you can add some super glue to produce better printing quality.


Preparing BED

You need 2mm black and transparent acrylic sheet to prepare  appropriate bed, cut the acrylic sheet by 10x10cm and make 4 holes for screw, now insert screws using little spring(you can use pen refill spring), later you can align the bed using this screw, Now you can place your bed on the Y-axis, now your bed is ready.


Preparing Z-axis

You need two pieces of 80mm Stepper motor slider for smooth Z-axis,
Place your slider parallel on the wood and screw it, now fit your wooden mount for hot-end,

now you need to fit your hot-end,Cooling Fan and PTFE Tube by following this image

Now you have to place your Z-axis by following Y-Axis and screw it and you 3D printer is almost ready.


Making Connections

You need
Arduino Mega
4X a4988 Driver
12V@5amps Power Supply

Make connections by following this Circuit Diagram

Now Connect your Extruder and Set the Z-axis END-Stop button and your are ready to Go.


Make Alignment

Align your bed by rotate crew clockwise or counter clockwise and give space between hot-end tip and bed about 0.5mm to 1mm.

WARNING – Don’t forget to align the bed, Because you will face trouble with printing.

Insert the 1.75mm PLA Filament



Upload Hex file through X-Loader

You must select this options-

Device- Mega(ATMEGA2560)

COM port- Available port

Baud rate- 115200



Now upload the code.


Run the Machine

You can use Pronterface to run the machine using of g-code and You have to convert the stl(3D File) file to g-code through slicer (I am using Ultimaker Cura).

Open Pronterface and Choose com port

choose baud rate 250000 and click connect,

after connection select g-code file,

You must set your hotend temperature about 185 degrees to melt the PLA filament.

Fan control

Turning fans on and off is easy assuming you have them wired to D9 on RAMPS.

Button text: Fan on

Button text:Fan off

Button text:Fan 50%
Command:M106 S127

Select print an enjoy the printing

Congratulations you have made an awesome project..

Thank you so much for visiting…

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