How to make laser security alarm system

How to make laser security alarm system

The Laser security alarm system is a DIY project which can useful for protection, You can make it at your home by following easy steps.



How it works – When you turn on the security system, laser emits the laser light to the LDR sensor and some simple coding that tells the Arduino turn off the buzzer till the laser light breaks, When someone or something Pass through the laser light then the LDR sense it and tell the arduino to turn on Buzzer for given time.


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Required Materials
Laser Module
Arduino UNO
Cooling Fan
9V Battery
5V Buzzer
LDR Sensor


Procedure – Some simple things you need to make this Science project.

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Step 1 – You Need 120mmX100mm MDF Board for Base and place the laser module and laser using of doable sided tape.

Step 2 – We need 10mmX16mm MDF stick to attach the mirror cutting. (16mmX16mm)

Step 3 – Make Neat & Clean wiring connection by using this Circuit.

Step 4 – After attachment of mirror sticks must align mirrors following this image.


Programming – Open Arduino and Paste this code, Select board type, Select Com Port and uploaded the code



// Code by TecH BoyS ToyS


void setup() {

pinMode(10,OUTPUT); //Buzzer Pin
pinMode(7,INPUT); // LDR Sensor

void loop() {

if(digitalRead(7)==LOW ) // If LDR densor Digital LOW then Buzzer will be turn on for given Time
delay(3000);                             //Value 3000 for 3 seconds
else {


Testing– When someone breaks the laser light the buzzer will be turn on for 3 seconds and you can increase the time by edit the code.


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