how to make an Egg-bot printing Machine at home | Winning Science project

Here we are, I hope you are doing very well today.

Today we are going to make an awesome science project The Egg-bot.

This is a CNC machine which will run thorough Nema17 stepper motor and the Stepper will driven by a4988 driver, This whole project is based on Arduino Atmega328p Micro-controller.

I will tell you the procedure as simple as possible like spread butter over bread.

Required Materials

Arduino nano 328p
A4988 Driver
Servo motor
Transistor 7805
Nema 17 Stepper
12V Adapter



You will need some 3mm acrylic sheet or Softwood to make the body, You need to follow this dimensions to prepare the machine.

If you have 3D printer then you can print the whole part by downloading all the 3D files.


*Must place both stepper motor 90 degree of angle.

*The egg size approx 50x40mm so you need to take space between steppers.

*The power supply must be 12V2A power.

*A4988 Driver must draw 30% power so you can control the motor speed through A4988 Driver Potentiometer.


You can follow this image to make an useful circuit but must check all the connections through Multi-meter Continuity Mode before you are going to use it.


You don’t need any kind of code for this project, Just Download ELEKSCAM and Install it.

After complete Installation Open the software and allow it to make changes

First you need to install the all necessary Driver to click upper right Corner of the software,Install it and Now connect your machine with the Computer and Select appropriate assigned com port.

Now click reset Rom, It will popup a command window and This process will install all the necessary code automatically, Now select machine as Egg-bot and select servo mode If you are using Servo motor.

After selecting all this things just browse the Photo gallery and they are ready to print but you must take the size max 50×40.

*You can use any image out of this software.

*You can also use laser module instead of servo but you need some specific hardware component to run the laser.

*If you are facing any issue during Uploading Code then You have to remove the Arduino from the circuit and do Reset ROM again.

I hope you have done all the procedure and here you can go to show your awesome project to your friends

Thanks for staying with us😎😎

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