Do you know how to make Windows Raspberry pi Computer

Today I will Show you how to make make Windows 10 Raspberry pi Computer and windows 10 programming Step by Step

Required Materials

Raspberry Pi 3B+

10inch Display



Li-ion Charging Module

Cooling Fan

16GB SD Card

Li-ion Battery

2inch Speaker


270ohm Resistor

3mm MDF Board

3mm Acrylic sheet


You can make the Case By follow this image


To make proper connection by follow this Circuit Diagram

Install full windows 10 on Raspberry pi

First of all you need 2 files

1. Windows 10 pro 64bit arm1803 ISO
2. WOA deployer for Raspberry pi

Step 1. – download the ISO creation file from this site

ISO creation file

In this site select this option

Select type>> Windows(Final version)

Select version>> Feature update to windows 10, version1803[arm64]

Select language>> English

Select edition>> Windows 10 Professional

Select type download>> Download ISO compiler in OneClick! (run downloaded CMD-file)

Select – creatingISO_17134.191_en-us_arm64_Professional.cmd

After download the ISO creation file place it to folder (Windows 10 arm64)

Step 2. – Download the WOA Deployer from Git Hub site


Select releses and dowload

Step 3. – Go to Created folder an double click- creatingISO_17134.191_en-us_arm64_Professional.cmd

It will popup the CMD Window and download the ISO file about 4GB, It will take 1-2 hours according to your internet speed

After done donload press any key to Exit and Right Click the ISO file and mount it.

Step 4. – Now Insert your SD Card(Recomded-16GB class10) and extract the file, Open the extracted folder

Right click the WoaDeployer.exe and run as administrator

After open WOA Deployer, Select the SD card and Select Windows image(\sources\install.wim) by browising your mounted folder

Now Click Deploy(warning- It will erase your all Data), after done this process Eject your SD card.

After set all the connections and place all the parts,insert your SD card in Raspberry pi and Power on the Raspberry pi PC

Step 5. – After Power it on a window will popup, type exit and press Enter

UEFI manager will popup and make changes to select this

1. Device Manafer>>Raspberry Pi Configuration>>Chipset Configuration>>CPU Clock>>Max

Press enter and esc to go back to the UEFI manager and press “y” for save the settings

2. Boot Maintenance Manager>>Boot Options>>Change Boot Order>>SD/MMC on Broadcom SDHOST(press plus key on your keyboard to change the Order)

Press enter and esc to go back to the UEFI manager and press “y” for save the settings

3. Boot Manager>>SD/MMC on Broadcom SDHOST (press Enter to boot windows 10)

Step 6. – Setup your windows first settings, turn off Cortana and Enjoy the windows 10 pro

Note- This process will take time and reboot your Raspberry pi many times.

Thank you so much..

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